a box? a chest? it's kufer.
meet a new local service online media called kufer. some people used to call a wooden chest so. the one you put most valuable things in.

therefore, the website shares valuable information about city of ivano-frankivsk, people living there and how to do some things and stuff.
let's shrink everything.
kufer's website consists of a few sections, just like a regular chest! so we decided to draw a rectangle and divide it with two lines. how simple is that? but wait, there's more.
invite the friends.
we turned the logo into a modular one so the icon changes depending on website section. this way each section becomes more personal. it's easier to navigate and identify where you are now as well.
frame it.
kufer's brand needs to stand out, so the icon set is here to help. it can be used in website itself, presentations, merch etc. the icons look crisp, have a character and intersect with the logo. bring everything together and enjoy the picture.