on the wheels.
veloforum is an international annual conference on bike infrastructure, held in different ukrainian cities. we were invited to rebrand the event due to its 10th anniversary.
joining the dots.
veloforum is all about connecting professionals on urban planning and bike infrastructure, sharing experience and uniting for change. so, the decision was almost obvious—let's show sharing and uniting by joining the dots. oh wait, is there a bike?

the previous logo was overwhelmed with unnecessary information like date and city. that's not a logo's job to tell the exact date, place, speakers, party time or where to find free hotdogs. so we indicated current year just using two superscript digits.
a ride to the printer.
intersection. building bridges. sharing. network. how do you communicate that? well, brick by brick in print materials. it's always a challenge to design please-do-not-throw-me-away conference stuff, but we did it!

and hey, have you found free hotdogs?
details matter.
there's always something you would bring from a conference. we worked hard creating amusing stuff. even folder looks unexpectedly nice!
Anton Kuba
Andrii Sydoruk