a few words about us

we are talia and mary. we founded nammi to create some beautiful designs that may change the world at least a bit.

nammi stands for 'candy' in spoken icelandic. marvellous icelandic nature and general love for yummies pushed us towards creating this project. we've been to iceland once—it's amazing!

we support businesses of all sizes, primarily small business (because it does matter!). also we appreciate clients with social responsibility, interested in developing new technologies, education approaches and good environmental practices.
what we do
standing out from the crowd is not easy but possible. whether you're starting a new business or rethinking your existing brand we are here to help with:

— brand strategy
— brand identity
— visual communication

take a look on some projects.
how we do
natural feel
we analyze the problem and find the most natural solution, which effectively & properly communicates with target audience.

story is key
every design should have a story behind it and we are here to dig deep to feel & tell it visually. that's what makes design so powerful in the first place.

less is more
we reduce visual message to its essence with simple yet compelling design. uncluttered and easy to process.

stainless steel durability
we are not fans of trends. we focus mostly on timeless visual solutions to last decades ahead.

our workflow
01. questioning the client with a creative brief.
02. getting into the client's world—analysing key aspects.
03. designing! creating some initial concepts or drafts.
04. gathering and processing feedback.
05. finessing the design.
06. preparing all assets to be used.
contact us
have a project to discuss?
drop us an e-mail at hallo@nammi.me